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New Year, Same Issues, Eternal Hope
Evangelicals and Assisted Suicide
Me Before You
Faith at the Olympics
The Truth about Miscarriage
Post-Truth, the Word of the Year
Advent, Sacred Time, and Worldview
Freedom of Conscience on Hacksaw Ridge
Good Ol' Scripture
Dressing Melania
Vocation in a Suitcase
Where's the Liberal Mind?
Dare to Debate
An Un-level Playing Field
BreakPoint This Week: 9-11 Fifteen Years Later
BreakPoint This Week: The Trouble with 'Locker Room Talk'
BreakPoint This Week: Are They Listening?
BreakPoint This Week: Election Stunner
BreakPoint This Week: Whitewashing the Red Menace
BreakPoint This Week: 2016 Year in Review
Breaking the Materialist Spell
Gender and Gravity as Social Constructs
Saving Private Manning
Persecution and ‘Evil in the Heavenly Realms’
Consider This a Sign
The Image of God, b'Gosh
The Media and Religion
Explaining Away the Force
Political Correctness Is Killing Colleges
BreakPoint This Week: Inauguration and Political Panic
Homeschooling, the Feds, and You
LGBT Is not a Color
Christians and Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement
Chinese Government Urges People to Make Babies
Mama Rwanda'
Secular, Feminist, and Pro Life
Not Buying 'Death with Dignity'
Honoring the Witnesses
Are We 99% Chimps?
Life and the Mexico City Policy
A Lack of Compassion in India
Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes
The Executive Order
James K.A. Smith: How Our Worship Practices Transform Our Deepest Loves
Invest Your Talents
9-11 Tragedy by Art Katz
Observatory Earth
Evolution's Can Opener
Judge Neil Gorsuch
BreakPoint This Week: The Order, the Judge, and the Movie
The Colson Fellows
Sports, the Image of God, and Education
What Makes Christianity Different?
Planned Parenthood and Prenatal Care
Want to Feel Superhuman?
Washington State Punishes Barronelle Stutzman
Sign on to Defend the First Amendment
So Much for Death with Dignity
The Ruling Against Religious Freedom
Be It Ever so Humble
Fur Babies
Nigeria's Forgotten Christians
Corporate Virtue-Signaling
The International Fund for Evil
One Doctor’s Prescription for Life
Pets and Priorities
DNA and Deity
Of Potties and Pets
The True Beauty of Women
Don’t Text, Talk!
No Virtue, No End of Scandal
Voldemort and Vestments
The Church vs. Hatred
Trump’s Address, Liberty, Gender, and Death
Reza Aslan Doesn’t Get Religion
Beauty and the Gay Moment
Shut Up and Act
Casting Popcorn
Second Thoughts About Assisted Suicide
Forgiveness and Reconciliation for Our Times
Government to People: We Need More Babies
Uninvited Costars
Questioning Jesus’ Existence
Kids These Days
Second Thoughts on Assisted Suicide
Bertish’s Voyage
Christians Don’t Retire from Kingdom Work
Science of the Time
Free Speech on Campus, CNN, and Jesus
The Infamous ‘Fake News’ List
Beauty and the Beast Blockbuster
Legislating Gendercide
Preparing Young People for a Lifetime of Faith
Fujimura’s “Culture Care”
The Death of Greek Life?
Keller and Kuyper
Facing Darkness
Go See “Facing Darkness”
Gorsuch, Keller, and Facing Darkness
Free Speech on College Campuses—and Seminaries
Is Roe ‘Super-Precedent’?
Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect With God (Part 1 of 2)
Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect With God (Part 2 of 2)
How to Reach Your Secular Neighbor
BreakPoint: The Silent Suffering of Gay Men
Truth, Mums and Dads, and David Daleiden
Mums and Dads Wanted
Religion and Inequality
The Great Flood of Washington State
Transgender Surgery and Transorbital Lobotomies
Spider and Man
Deadly Utilitarianism
Title VII and Government by Judiciary
Vimeo Says No
BP This Week: The Pences, Title VII, and Holy Week
Planet Earth II
Editing Eden
The Myth of Cohabitation
The Assisted Suicide Freight Train Hits the Brakes
An Unchanging Scandalous Gospel by Paul Washer
Putin, Gorsuch, and Holy Week
The Power of Names
Jesus, The Last Adam
It’s a Small Worldview
Second Chance Month
Peter Singer Defends Abuse
No Sin, No Forgiveness Either
Remembering Chuck Colson’s New Life in Christ
Fake Faith Doesn’t Sell
The Elephant in the Room
Chuck Colson, Christian Worldview, and Religious Freedom
Know the Truth, Know the Culture
Transgender or Tomboy?
Trinity Lutheran before the Supreme Court
Liberalism in a Lab Coat
Christian Abortion Supporters
The Lesson of Bill O’Reilly
Pascal on Persuasion
The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story
Cheating Ourselves
Carl Senior Returns
BP This Week: The Party of Abortion, HHS, and the Marriage Gap
A New Rain (Reign?) of Faith in Europe
A Failed Formula
Opening Closed Minds The Chick-fil-A Way
President Trump’s Religious Freedom Order
13 Wrong Reasons Why
Preach Scripture, Fill the Pews
Children Are Not Jewelry
Delaying Marriage and Parenthood